My Solitude

Before I got close to my few friends
I preferred being on my own
Sitting in one corner minding my own business.
Like when I step in class
I get a chair
I sit at the back….ALONE.
Most people keep asking me why I like solitude
But I have no reason
I guess that’s just me.
Being alone makes you think a lot…not in the bad way
But the good way….
I have a significant other…..
Being with him is a different type of solitude…
It’s solitude on a different level where another can feel alone with you without disrupting your thoughts….

I love my solitude
I find myself worrying about hurting some of my friends when I stay around them long
I feel like I may just offend them unknowingly…
It hurts to see people quiet sometimes I feel I just hurt them and they don’t want to tell me.
Being in my world leaves me worry free about it.
I guess that’s why even though I am friendly I still cherish my alone time.
You may think it sucks but I can’t help being who I am.
Solitude makes me worry less…though there are exceptions
I don’t know if selfish is the word to use but I find it pretty soothing

Sometimes things get so loud around you and you feel odd
Solitude helps
Everyone may make you feel different but your solitude ups your level of confidence
You don’t need to chase anyone to get to their level
Being in your solitude makes you think about what exactly you need to do and how you need to do it.

Your solitude is your new year
You are allowed to make resolutions in it
You don’t need to impress anyone
God knows what to hit you with when you in your solitude
He knows you communicate with him on the silence language And he will respond where he needs to
He knows in this form your aren’t being pressured and that every decision you make is based on your recollection of minor and important thoughts

God knows what to help you with in your solitude

Your solitude is your own world
You make the rules in this world
You make your own decisions
Nobody can take that away from you.
You don’t need anybody’s approval in it

Solitude doesn’t need to be a quiet place
Your solitude could be in your mind
Allow your spirit and mind feel at peace.
Let your instincts guide you through that Solitude journey
Let’s God’s hand pull you through because he will be there with you every single step of the way…….
But hey, solitude matters
Solitude heals
Solitude restores
Solitude reveals
Solitude molds
Solitude makes
Solitude depicts
Solitude is almost perfect….

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